Annual fee: 120Euro + Belgian VAT 

A valid membership gives access to the Annual General Meeting that elects the Board in accordance with the Articles of Association – one vote per member.

Individual members can apply for formal status as SRLA Expert (subject to board approval). 

The ‘SRLA Expert’ status provides access to an on-line register accessible from the SRLA Website, where interested institutions can search for potential advisors or educational counterparts.  

SRLA Experts may also gain access to post relevant research-based, practice-oriented, and educational material on a dedicated on-line library on the SRLA website (subject to SRLA editorial scrutiny and preapproval). 

Benefits for individual members:

  • Risk Dialogues – periodic webinars on timely strategic risk management issues (with access code).

  • Risk Discussions – invited discussions of the most pressing issues in the public domain to raise awareness of new risk issues faced by public administration entities (with access code). 

  • Master Classes – participation in executive education courses and programs covering various aspects of strategic risk leadership (offered against payment with 15% discount for SRLA members).

  • Ask an Expert – access to customized advisory services on strategic risk leadership issues provided by SRLA Experts (offered against payment).

  • Annual SRLA Forum – invitation to annual membership gathering with key notes, presentations, and social networking events (flat fee payment with 15% discount for SRLA members).

  • SRLA Library – unlimited access to SRLA Library

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