Are you interested to apply for SRLA Expert role?

Individual member can apply for formal status as SRLA Expert (subject to board approval).

  1. The ‘SRLA Expert’ status provides access to an on-line register accessible from the SRLA Website, where interested institutions can search for potential advisors or educational counterparts. 
  2. SRLA Experts may also gain access to relevant research-based, practice-oriented, and educational material on a dedicated on-line library on the SRLA website (subject to SRLA editorial scrutiny and preapproval).

    SRLA Expert eligibility requirements:

  3. Share SRLA values and willingness to contribute to the SRLA programmatic portfolio 

  4. At least 10+ years of professional expertise in public domain

  5. Demonstrated expertise in one of the following technical fields:

         -Risk management
         -Public procurement
         -Crisis management including safety and security
         -Critical infrastructure
         -Water and sanitation
         -Social protection
         -Health & Education
         -Human Resources
         -Human rights and inclusion


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