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The SRLA is a pan-European expert network 
aimed at advancing knowledge and use of
risk management for strategic decision-making.


The SRLA is a pan-European expert network aimed at advancing knowledge and use of risk management for strategic decision-making in European national and local governments comprising the public sector at large and it links to private enterprise. 

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Strategic risk leadership

The risks that contemporary societies are facing are characterized by high degrees of uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity with many unknowns that mainly become visible as events unfold. 

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We believe that proactively advancing strategic risk leadership is key for public value governance in contemporary society. It is the precondition for delivering public (and private) goods and services to ensure sustainable development and societal resilience.

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Strategic risk leadership

The art of strategic risk leadership involves making strategic choices that generate the best outcomes. In today’s world, leaders at all levels confront multiple events or conditions pertaining to changing climate, disruptive technologies, digitalization, political tensions, vulnerable supply-chains, health crises, environmental degradation, economic recessions, and more.


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Our strength is in our network! Throughout our network we offer space for knowledge creation, sharing of solutions, and exchange of expert insights.

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