The mission of the SRLA is to advance knowledge and the use of risk management for strategic decision-making in European national and local governments, including the public sector and its links to private enterprise.

The SRLA aims to address the challenges posed by emergent risks and uncertainties in an interconnected, complex world. These risks can have a systemic impact on societies and require collaborative solutions.

Strategic risk leadership involves making choices that yield the best outcomes, especially in the face of unpredictable and complex risks. It's about leadership approaches that navigate changing climate, technology disruptions, political tensions, and other factors affecting public institutions and private enterprises.

Systemic risks include events like the global financial crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, disruptions in global value chains, global political tensions, and the emergence of climate change. These events can disrupt entire systems and have far-reaching consequences.

Strategic decision-making involves considering the impact of choices on various stakeholders. Decisions have consequences, and it's essential to make informed decisions while considering who will be affected and how.

The current system lacks the capacity to gather updated information rapidly for assessing evolving risks. It also needs stronger leadership to foster shared understanding among stakeholders and guide responses to these risks.

SRLA offers an open platform for knowledge creation, solution sharing, and expert insights. It connects public sector entities with risk-related expertise across Europe, and it serves as an exchange for public risk leaders to support strategic decisions.

Individuals can become SRLA Experts or SRLA Corporate Members, while institutions can join as SRLA Strategic Partners. There are also options for individuals and institutions to become SRLA Board members or sponsors.

SRLA conducts various events, including SRLA Risk Dialogues (webinars), the SRLA Annual Resilience Forum (cross-sectoral meeting), and SRLA Master Classes (educational offerings). They also offer a Certificate in Strategic Risk Leadership (CiSRL) and a customized advisory service called "Ask an Expert."

The SRLA believes that advancing strategic risk leadership is essential for public value governance in contemporary society. It's seen as a precondition for delivering public and private goods and services to ensure sustainable development and societal resilience.

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